Transitions in multi-view 360-degree media

At IEEEVR 2018 I presented the TVCG paper The Effect of Transition Type in Multi-View 360-Degree Media, written with Prof Anthony Steed. In this paper, we looked at the impact of the transition type a user sees while navigating a scene captured as multi-view 360-degree media. Aspects measured included spatial awareness, preference, and the subjective feeling of moving through the space.

Cinematic virtual reality

At IEEEVR 2017 I presented the paper Cinematic virtual reality: Evaluating the effect of display type on the viewing experience for panoramic video, written with Prof Anthony Steed. Several metrics were explored that may indicate advantages and disadvantages of cinematic virtual reality compared to traditional viewing formats. We explored the consumption of panoramic videos in three different display systems: a HMD, a SurroundVideo+ (pictured), and a standard 16:9 TV. Aspects examined were spatial awareness, narrative engagement, enjoyment, memory, fear, attention, and a viewer’s concern about missing something.

Object removal in 360° media

As part of my work with panoramic video, I presented a paper investigating object removal in 360° media - written with Prof Anthony Steed - at the Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP). The work also included helping out on a couple of 360° film shoots for BBC R&D.